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No one has ever climbed Mount Everest by chance

As a medical and service profession, what we sell is pet care, but what clients are buying is the experience. The more positive the experience, the more a practice stands out. Creating a consistent, outstanding and predictable client experience, much like climbing Mount Everest, does not happen by chance. Only by systematizing your operation with the goal of creating this kind of client experience, will you be able to stand out and reap the benefits.

Some of the benefits of a systematized client experience are:

  • More clients
  • More client visits
  • More interesting cases
  • More client referrals
  • Clients staying longer
  • Better standing in the community
  • A more profitable practice


If you indeed want to “climb Mount Everest” when it comes to your veterinary practice, you’ve got to systematize your operation. Now you can do it at your own pace, your own schedule and under your own terms.

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