Practice Development & Client Retention in a Box


Transform your veterinary clinic into a rewarding and fulfilling work environment by transforming team members into outstanding performers, improving job satisfaction, increasing practice profitability, and enhancing your standing within your community.


A practice system is about attaining consistency of operations. With it, every team member will know exactly what to do to excel on the job. A consistent operation will offer your practice the leading edge by providing consistent and outstanding client experiences.

The System Package Includes:

  • Audio CD/Audio file describing in detail of one area of the practice system (a total of 12 CDs).
  • Training tools to help your team create and implement the building blocks described in the audio portion
  • Accountability tools for holding each other accountable, without which, not much will change.
  • A workbook, which includes exercises, powerful, questions, areas to focus on, as well as scripts (a total of 12 workbooks).
  • Access to monthly recorded webinars, jam packed with practical information to help you get over any obstacles as you implement the system (a total of 36 webinars)
  • A support e-mail: You will be able to write us with questions about the system implementation.
  • A support team: Our team will call in on you from time to time to see where you need help.
  • A practice dashboard, to have detailed visuals of exactly what’s going on in your practice so you can know what needs attention and what needs celebration.

Course Cost

$279/month plus a $200 one time setup fee.

Helpful Hint: We recommend you hire one of our experienced and very affordable Team Building and Leadership Coaches for the first 4 CD topics to help you implement this system until you feel comfortable going it alone.


You will receive one CD every three months. This will give you enough time to listen to the audio CD and implement the exercises before moving on to the next step. You will have access to recorded monthly webinars to help you overcome any obstacles along the way of implementing the system.


Our “Practice Development & Client Retention System in a Box” is a 12-audio CD practice system guide which facilitates building a client retention system in veterinary practices on their own, at their own pace, and according to their own vision and aspirations.

Course Content

CD #1: System Introduction

• The way things are in practice
• The power of habits
• Where are you going?
• Why a system?
• What is a system?
• What is a system made of?
• Beginning to implement the system

CD #2: The Clinical System

• What is the clinical system for?
• Know what your clients are thinking
• Minimum excellent standard of care
• Paraprofessional protocols
• Receptionists’ protocols
• A uniformed message

CD #3: The Client Retention System

• The concept of standing out- why is it so important?
• The difference between cost and value and how to create more value
• What is retention marketing and how it complements the clinical aspects of running a practice
• How to budget for marketing and create a yearly marketing plan
• How to turn it into monthly and daily marketing steps
• How to generate more clients
• How to improve client compliance
• How to motivate the staff to market the services
• How to generate more client visits
• How to increase client referrals
• How to stand out in the community

CD #4: Retention Marketing 101

• How to segment the client base
• The first and second wave marketing
• Planning for launching the first wave campaigns
• The Golden Nuggets campaign
• The Postponed Services campaign
• The Pre-appointment campaign
• The client referrals campaign

CD #5: The Management System

• Why chaos doesn’t work
• Shifting from activity to results
• The advantages of running a consistent operation
• What are positions
• How to transition from tasks to positions
• How to create practice positions
• How to fit team members with the best positions
• Letting the positions build the practice
• Fulfilling the promises to clients

CD #6: The CSR (Client Service Rep) Position

• How to prepare clients to say ‘yes’
• How to become a more effective CSR
• Why is there a difference between incoming and outgoing calls?
• How to handle incoming calls from existing clients
• How to handle calls from prospective clients
• How to call clients to take action
• How to get to know clients, really
• How to improve results on the phone
• How to transfer the client experience

CD #7: The ERA (Exam Room Assistant) Position

• What we sell and clients are buying
• How to handle the most frequent question in the exam room
• The most important function of the ERA
• Who should be an ERA?
• The six tasks of an effective ERA position
• What to expect from the ERA
• How to follow up with clients
• How to prepare clients for the next visit

CD #8: The Business Development Position

• How to work ON the practice
• Orchestrating the marketing system
• How to build a marketing team
• Delegating marketing tasks
• Collecting and analyzing data
• Assisting in collecting and analyzing the data
• Educating team members and clients
• How to reach out to the community

CD #9: Retention Marketing 202

• The dental campaign
• The junior wellness campaign
• Turning customers into long-term clients
• The weight management campaign
• The feline awareness campaign
• The internal and external parasites campaign
• The diets campaign

CD #10: The Owner Position

• What does it mean to be a leader?
• What practice leaders need to focus on
• The qualities of an effective leader
• How to create a personal and practice vision
• How to motivate the team to excel
• Learning to let go and to delegate
• How to be an entrepreneur in the practice
• How to achieve the practice vision

CD #11: The Monitoring System

• What gets measured, gets managed
• Going to outcome
• What to monitor
• How to systematize the monitors
• Practice-wide monitors
• Positions-based monitors
• Individual team member’s monitors
• What to do with the monitors
• How to train the team

CD #12: Retention Marketing 203

• The external marketing system
• The senior wellness campaign
• The allergies campaign
• The pain management campaign
• The client reactivation system
• The Health Risk Assessment system