Practice Growth Video DVD System

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Along with our Audio “System in a Box”, we are in the process of developing a Practice Growth Video DVD System which will help you to implement the things you learn into your practice. The Audio & Video systems work hand in hand to help you:

Get More Clients
More Client Visits
 More Client Referrals
 More Loyal Clients
 Happier Team
 Consistent Operation

Video 1:

 How to turn phone shoppers into appointments

This video explains in detail how to guide callers inquiring about the cost of a service to make an appointment. Thousands of such calls   take place daily around the country and too many opportunities are missed because of the lack of mastery at how to show value on such calls and book the appointment. This video and the accompanying exercises can dramatically change this.

Video 2:

How to turn customers
into clients

When pet owners first bring their pets to your practice, an important element in the relationships has not yet been established  trust. This video will show you how to establish trust and make the first visit memorable. It will also teach you how to turn customers into regular clients. Watch the video, do the exercises included in your packet, develop your plan and execute it. Then watch the impact on your client base.

Video 3:

How to increase the number of your preventative exams

Too many clients believe young pets are healthy and therefore do not need to see the vet regularly. Yet we know that preventative care is the hallmark of a healthy pet population and a healthy practice.  In this video you will learn how to be proactive when it comes to getting your clients to come in more often and keep their pets healthy. Turn your practices focus to prevention rather than intervention and you will provide unique value to your community.

Video 4:

How to make external parasites part of your client descussion

Fleas and ticks will always be a problem for pets. Too many pet owners treat rather than prevent external parasites. Out of sight, out of mind. Clients sign up to control fleas and ticks, but then stop, because there is no value in their minds and they simply forget. It is our duty to show them the value of constant protection and its our job to instill such habits.  In this video therefore you will learn the low down of client education and   follow up when it comes to parasitescontrol. The more they learn from you, the more they appreciate you as their vet.

Video 5:

How to make sure your clients never forget you

What is the lingering feeling clients have when they leave your practice? How long does that feeling last? Sixty seven percent of clients who stopped going to their veterinarians said they did so because they felt their vet did not care much about them. This is a significant percentage and one that is both a threat and offering an opportunity at the same time. In this video therefore you will learn how to create the right impression and memory in your clients, regardless of how long ago they were in. This way, when they need pet care, they will come to you and will accept your recommendations much more readily.

Video 6:

How to better use
the telephone

Without a doubt, the most important tool in practice is the telephone. The majority of your business flows through this tool. It therefore follows that the team operating this tool have a major impact on the practice. As such, it makes sense that the selection and the training of the phone team needs to be a high priority. This is what the video will show you: how to build effective training programs for them and how to turn them into world class providers of value on the phone.

Video 7:

How to make internal parasites part of your client discussion

Should you run fecal exams twice a year, once a year or only when pets are sick? Should you deworm pets even though they are mainly indoor? What about heartworms? Should you test yearly and prevent monthly?  These questions bother too many practices and countless pet owners. As a result there is no consistency in controlling internal parasites among practices and even inside a practice.  In this video we will show you how to create a consistent program to control internal parasites according to your own values and beliefs

Video 8:

How to grow your practice through referrals

This video will teach you how to leverage your top clients to generate client referrals. There is no arguing that the best new clients are those who were referred. Referred clients tend to stay longer as clients, have a higher compliance and they tend to  refer others to your practice. How to take the initiative and tap into this opportunity though is easier said than done. This is the purpose of this video; to walk you step by step to create a client referral process that puts developing this important aspect of your practice on cruise control.

Video 9:

How to improve client compliance in the exam room

The exam room is where rubber meets the road. So why leave it to chance? Knowing how to deliver greater value in the exam room is a sure way to achieve higher compliance. When clients have to decide whether to approve a service, what goes into their decision making process is cost on one hand and value onthe other.  If the value is higher than the cost of the service in their minds, they say yes.  Otherwise they delay their decision or say no outright. Too muchopportunity is lost as a result of this.  In this video we will teach you how to show great value in necessary services, regardless of their cost.

Video 10:

How to stand out
from the crowd 

In an age of commoditization it is difficult for consumers to tell the difference between one practice and another. They cannot tell if one injection, diagnosis or surgery has a greater value in one practice or another. If your practice cannot stand out by the cost of the services you provide, it is important to find some other, more profitable way to stand out. But what, and even more important, how?  In this video we will walk you through the cardinal steps to standing out in the most important area in a service profession like veterinary medicine.

Video 11:

How to grow your
dental program

In this video we will help you develop one of the most promising areas in practice. Dentistry has a huge potential for growth in your practice. Its not a questionwhether your patients suffer from dental disease. The right question to ask is how to do many more dental procedures any day of the year and deliver great value to your clients in the process.  Watch this video and do the exercises included in your packet and you will be able to build a profitable dental program in your practice.

Video 12:

How to help senior pets live
a better life

Thirty five percent of your patients are seven years old and older. Many older pets have special needs, but their owners do not realize it. Typically, clients bring their older pets in when there is a significant problem. They will be grateful to you if you train them ahead of issues arising so that their pets can live a healthier life.
Naturally, you too will benefit from tapping into this area of your practice. Watch the video and put forth the steps to turn senior wellness into a major engine for growth in your practice. The potential is surely there.