Vmartec Practice Builder™

Vmartec is happy to bring the veterinary profession a New, Innovative Client Retention Service.

This new service is designed to make sure your practice continues to keep pace in the competitive world of veterinary medicine. Your clients are bombarded every day with information regarding pet health & wellness from all manner of sources. Many times this information leads your clients to not utilize your professional services, thus causing a detrimental effect on your practice growth and more important putting the health of your patients at risk.

Vmartec is bringing you specific client communication and marketing campaigns which have a proven record of improving pet health while also dramatically increasing practice growth and revenue.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It!

See below what several practices from around the U.S. have to say about these practice builder programs:

Dr. Cooper
Owns & operates a solo practice

“…I just wanted to let you know the marketing campaigns are working. We’re up 20% over the same two months last year & we’re seeing more clients, increasing client revenue, & growing the practice…”

Dr. Davis
Founder & Owner of 2 multi-doctor practices

“….marketing campaigns have helped us grow and expand our practices—-we are experiencing +30% revenue growth in each of the past 3 years…doubling practice revenue…..we are getting more clients to come for more client & pet visits; increasing per client & per pet revenue….all while increasing dispensing despite a lot of non-professional competition…”

Dr. Fulmer
Owner of multi-doctor practice

“…..The first month after beginning the Client Communication/Marketing Campaigns our gross increased 29% over the previous month. For the first 7 months of using these campaigns my gross increased 35% over the same period the previous year. My staff has been transformed and empowered to reach new heights. Their performance and job satisfaction has soared. They know what is expected of them in terms of learning, performance, and accountability. My clients now value our commitment to excellence and show it with a compliance rate I could never imagined. Practicing Veterinary Medicine has never been more rewarding, both financially and professionally…..”

Review an outline of each of our 12 monthly Practice Builder Campaigns below, and then give us a call at 800-611-4029 to get started in growing your practice.

Vmartec Practice Builder™ Programs Outline

Available Campaigns:

  1. January: The feline awareness campaign
  2. February: The oral health restoration campaign
  3. March: The weight management campaign
  4. April: The heartworm prevention campaign
  5. May: The external parasites campaign
  6. June: The internal parasites campaign
  7. July: The ear treatment campaign
  8. August: The “Ology” campaign
  9. September: The senior wellness campaign
  10. October: The lumps and bumps campaign
  11. November: The wellness testing campaign
  12. December: The pain management campaign

The first client communication materials for each campaign will be sent out on the 15th day of the previous month.

A link with access to the team training, content by campaign, will be sent out on the 15th day of the previous month.

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